Friday, February 24, 2012

'We Must Fight' -- Ronald Reagan

If you have any feeling at all for the great men and women who sacrifice and strive so hard in the military service of our country, then you owe it to yourself to hear the words of the great Ronald Reagan, a short portion taken from his watershed "Time for Choosing" speech of 27 October 1964.  This production sets in beautiful detail his words that still apply so perfectly today.

And if you feel that these words are timely, then consider them an introduction to his whole speech.  The names and numbers are dated, but the meaning is still eerily á propos, with the data and proportions even larger.  As an exercise, count the problems that he cites that have a direct application to today -- you will probably need a paper and pencil to keep up.

You will note that the 27-minute speech is given without a script and almost entirely without notes (you can see him shuffle a few 3x5 cards at the very beginning), and it is certainly delivered without a teleprompter.

(Sincere thanks for the 'We Must Fight' video to Pte Matthew Worth, Royal Canadian Dragoons)

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