Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obama Budget Unanimously Defeated in House

That's right.  The Obama budget proposal, brought to a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives by the Republican majority, forced the hand of the Democrats and showed what a political charade this budget was.  The vote was a staggering 414-0.  Everyone present (out of the 435 total) voted against it, including every Democrat.  The Democrats claimed they were working on their own proposal, which only accentuates the fact that they consider Obama useless for budgetary matters.

This echoes the last time that Obama came up with a highly touted budget proposal that was only for pounding the pulpit.  That was February of last year, in the Senate.  The result there was a proportionally similar 97-0.  It is now 1062 days since the Democrats in the Senate, which they control 53-47, have proposed a budget.

Did Obama really think that he had a chance with this?  What was his reason for the proposal in the first place?  Why is he wasting our time?

The Republicans went on to pass their budget proposal by a vote of 228-191, with the Democrats voting against that one too.  They needn't have bothered: the Democrats in the Senate will squash that one as well.

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