Friday, May 11, 2012

The Fundraiser in Chief Bests Last Five Presidents – Combined

Barack Obama has held more re-election fundraising events than the last five presidents combined. 

According to the numbers compiled by Political Science Professor Brendan J Doherty of the US Naval Academy, the background stats for the number of fundraisers in the re-election campaign year for the previous presidents line up thusly: 

·         Carter (1980)                 4
·         Reagan (1984)               0
·         Bush I (1992)              19
·         Clinton (1996)             14
·         Bush II (2004)             57 

That totals out to 94 fundraisers for the lot of them.  Obama, so far, is up to 124 fundraisers this year. 

Despite Obama’s public complaint about the “corrosive influence of money in politics”, he has twice opted out of the campaign finance system set up to help control it. 

A radio commentator some time back compiled a number of recordings of Obama citing a variety of topics that were his “number one priority”.  Well, it’s clear which one that is: getting re-elected. 

The article goes into some detail.  Read the whole thing.

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