Friday, August 3, 2012

Media Coup: Mitt Romney Transcripts


The Boston Globe is on it.  Their crack investigative reporters have somehow managed to track down the high school report card for Mitt Romney.  That’s his freshman high school report card.  And just to make sure that everyone understands it in its entirety, there is a photo copy of it. 

The main scandal here is that when Mitt was 15 years old, he received a grade of C in Beginning French.  (Yet somehow … he now manages to speak fluent French.)  And not one A – in any subject.  But in every course, across the board, every teacher left comments that he could have done better.  He didn’t seem to have an aptitude for genetics either; perhaps it’s that Mormon thing about genealogy.

Could do better in French

Perhaps the reporters for the Globe used the same down-in-the-trenches investigative technique that resulted in Governor Rick Perry’s transcripts from Texas A&M being published the day after he announced for the presidential nomination last July.  It wasn’t that it was big news – Rick had already told the world that he had been a C student in college; in fact, was rather bemused about it.  I suppose that being the governor of Texas for ten years was some sort of consolation prize. 

This same attitude fueled the criticism (among others) of George W Bush being a C student in college (again, self-admitted).  This was part of the meme that he just wasn’t up to par with the likes of those nuanced and intellectual people like Al Gore and John Kerry.  It would have been doubly amusing years later, had anyone publicized the news to even a minor fraction of the degree that this story got play, when we found that both Gore and Kerry had worse grades than Bush. 

Of course, the real story is that the MSM can dig up freshman high school transcripts from 51 years ago on Romney, but this hard-hitting investigative journalism somehow gives a complete pass to Obama on practically everything, including transcripts from three different colleges, anything related to how he entered and transferred among colleges, and his college thesis.  He managed to write not one but two autobiographies before he ran for president (a rather elevated opinion of himself, being an Illinois state senator) and both are coming under increasing literary investigation and criticism (such as who actually wrote one), but anyone trying to bring this to national attention continues to be just one among so many voices crying in the wilderness. 

I’m not much of a conspiracy buff – I think the whole birth certificate thing is a waste of time when many other, more substantive criticisms should be pursued against Obama.  But he was elected President and we have to deal with that now.  The other important questions can be dealt with afterward, over and above why such information is kept under lock and key. 

The riposte from the other side is that Romney should release even more of his tax history, based on Harry Reid's accusations from "unimpeachable" but secret sources (i.e., no evidence whatsoever).  And yes, both Obama and Biden have more on the table in this regard, including (again with hardly a peep from the MSM) how incredibly parsimonious they have been in regards to donations to charity. 

Just how long will the media pursue like ravening wolves those documents of conservative challengers but ignore the mysteries of their own?

Update:  And while we're talking about Mitt Romney's tax returns, where are Harry Reid's?  Where did he get so much money?


  1. Given that their policies have all proven worthless, their only approach is to attack individuals, and they do so with schadenfreude, even when there's nothing to really attack.

  2. " If it looks like a duck..." And Obama looks like a Duck, or a Snake.


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