Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ché Guevara Is Still Dead

The early Christian church developed a calendar of saints, wherein feast days were designated for particular saints to commemorate the anniversary of their death or martyrdom.  For the post-modern communist and radical Left collection of saints (a statement not nearly so ironic as one would initially think), let today be celebrated as the feast day of the death of Ché Guevara (the 45th anniversary, to be precise).  But the purpose here is not to celebrate his life, but his death which did not come soon enough.

A photo montage of some of Che's victims

The celebrity status of this heinous monstrosity of a human has always struck me as one of the touchstones that set apart the worshipful ‘useful idiots’ of the Left. 

So I lift my glass of Bacardi Reserva Limitada in memory of the thousands that he murdered, and pray that he suffers in his condign level of Hell.

More to follow . . .

Update:  And it has.  It is lengthy but includes some detail which is not otherwise avaliable, and it is far from the required hagiographies of the Left.

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