Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Point, Counter-point on al-Jadeed TV

Mark Steyn at NRO's The Corner picks up on what passes for civil political discourse in the Middle East, with an exchange between Dr Taleb Ibrahim, Syrian geopolitical analyst, and Lebanese Member of Parliament Khaled al-Dhaher.

Here we pick up on some money lines: 
Shut up, you ape! . . . My shoe and my urine are more dignified than you! . . . You are vermin!  You are a prehistoric beast! Yours is a movement of apes and pigs! . . . We will crush you like cockroaches! . . . I spit on you and your people!

That's a bit more colorful than calling someone a racist, but it's certainly in the same ballpark.

Steyn can't resist a suggestion: 
If I were the new programmer at poor doomed CNN, I'd be suggesting David Gergen try that line on Wolf Blitzer. 
I would say that MSNBC is practically there.

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