Friday, March 15, 2013

ICE Re-Arrests Illegals Released By "Sequester Cuts"

The news is still working the story of the release of thousands – not hundreds as was originally admitted – of illegal aliens that had been apprehended, with the excuse that they were released due to the budget cuts brought on by the Sequester, another form of budgetary extortion exercised by the Obama administration.

                                                                                                        (Front Page Magazine)

Once the story hit, both the White House and even DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano denied responsibility, but went on to defend the action anyway.  Nevertheless, Gary Mead, the head of the "enforcement and removal operations" at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency suddenly resigned after the story broke. 

                                                                                       (R Limbaugh)

The White House went on to say that these immigrants were "low-risk, non-criminal detainees". 

Now it is learned that ICE is searching for some ten "level one" offenders (among the "most dangerous") that were part of the 2228 immigrants who were released.  It also turns out that 629 had criminal records, but ICE Director John Morton said they were "low-level offenders". 

Well, except for ten of them.  Four have been re-apprehended, but Morton went on to say that the other six are "non-violent".  He didn't explain what that means within the context of the "most dangerous" level one offenders.  Would that be a significant drug dealer, pedophile, … ? 

So how many other shoes are going to drop on this one?

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  1. "It's not my fault." I love it. The new Seal, to replace the now defunct "Buck stops here" sign.


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