Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our Sense of Events Is Askew

I received some disconcerting news today, to the effect that a distant source which I hold in high esteem is taking a leave of absence.

The Reverend Donald Sensing, late of the XVIII Airborne Corps artillery, has announced in his Sense of Events web log, in a note appropriately titled 'Tattoo' (the veterans among you will know the true meaning), that he is "going silent for an indefinite period of time." 

Like most bloggers, I include a column of Web Sites of Interest to your right on this web page, which lists sites that I peruse as the spirit listeth, and others to which I am most dedicated.  If it were ranked by my fondness instead of alphabetically, Sense of Events would be at the top. 

The site will remain active for the interim so that his archives can be accessed, and I strongly encourage you to do so, particularly in the area of Just War theory. 

I sincerely hope and pray that we will be able to avail ourselves of his new insights ere long, and that his rest is easy.

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