Friday, February 21, 2014

Then and Now

A posting somewhat late, brought over from my recent tribulations with the software.  This pretty well sums it up; 'nuff said, as they say.


  1. The 27-year-old of 1943, likely grew up on a farm, picking cotton if he was a Southerner, almost certainly attending religious services and wasn't much used to comfort. Pajama Boy grew up in comfort in the green-lawn suburbs, got soda pop and cookie cakes about every day, watched television all the time and may or may not have ever worked at anything before his college degree--versus the cotton picker's high school diploma. Easy to see why they turned out different. They used to say in Texas that "any boy who never picked cotton will never amount to anything."

  2. My association in family farming (my grandfather's land, my uncle primarily attending to the crops) saw mostly alfafa and sorghum, but I saw cotton farms nearby with the cottonpickers (the mascot of the nearby Robstown High School) toiling in the fields with those long white sacks. The workers were a mix of Whites and Hispanics.

    But I digress: Obamajama Boy is also assumed to live with his parents at least until 26. This modern waif is supposed to blame his lack of a job, though he is certainly owed one, what with a graduate degree and all (assuming he is actually looking) on what is called the 1%. God forbid he should listen to the CBO.


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