Thursday, May 29, 2014

Left For Posterity

You have been warned, no doubt – as if a word to the wise would be necessary on this count – that posting compromising photos on social media or granting them to a non-family intimate, or the far older uncertainty of placing prejudicial or compromising information into a letter to someone else, is too great a risk to take.

This then (click to enlarge) is a political equivalent of that:

This covers two of the three more infamous promises made by Obama about ObamaCare, excepting the one about keeping your doctor, but there are numerous sound-bites about Obama's earnest declarations that all will be well with the Affordable (?) Care Act.

Mind you, that's just the crap that he laid down about ObamaCare.  Consider the myriad, shovel-ready examples throughout the other areas of his regime.

From those wonderful people who brought you Veterans Health Care.

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  1. Alas, these supposed liabilities are a-feature-not-a-bug when dealing with the Democrat snooze (news) media. They are only true liabilities when the perp is a Republican, especially a Tea-Partier.


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