Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Roof Knocking in Gaza

The Israelis have been under the gun, both literally and figuratively, since they seized their country from the diplomatic morass of 1948.  The current iteration of their healthy sense of a siege mentality comes from their reaction to the rocket attacks emanating – again – from Gaza.

No matter what iniquities may be visited upon them, they must take into account the wide-spread attitude of the bien-pensant Commentariat, particularly the present Obama administration which consistently warns Israel against over-reacting to provocations.

The current form of their 'play nice' style of counter-attack is called roof knocking, and now we have a recording of an example.  The first step involves a phone call to the residence of a terrorist, asking for him by name.  "Hello, my name is Moshe from Israeli intelligence.  We know that you have women and children there.  Get out now.  You only have a few minutes before we destroy your house."  This is an excellent example of driving home your point by both physical and psychological means.

The warning is punctuated within a few moments by the impact of what is apparently a rocket with an inert warhead striking the house, probably fired by a drone circling overhead and watching.  Within 1:10 minutes, the bomb strikes and obliterates the house, followed quickly by another explosion, either a variation on the shoot-look-shoot technique or probably another target nailed close by.  If you look closely, you can see that the footage is spliced (or whatever the current digital version of that is), just before the impact, so the actual intervening time is unknown (probably 15 minutes according to the source).

Also, the later images of the battle damage assessment includes the necessary focus on the little dolls amid the rubble.  Note, however, that the dolls are pristinely clean despite the cloud of dust that enveloped the scene, and they are lying conveniently on top of the debris.  This sort of thing was seen repeatedly in news reports during the last Lebanon incursion.

Note also that many reports refer to "suspected" terrorists.  Apparently the fellow who set up his camera equipment to catch the impending attack had little doubt about the terrorist proclivities of the occupants.

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  1. I worked with a Japanese photographer years ago who kept a throw-down doll in his trunk for natural disasters and fires when no other presented itself. What some of us call Pallywood goes one better and uses fake wounded with pretend blood on their faces and ripped clothes. Back during the Lebanon deal a Reuters photographer tried to make Beirut look more devastated by doubling and tripling the smoke plumes. He didn't bother to edit them; they were obviously exactly the same and he got caught. If the Arabs put even a quarter of the effort they put into this poop doing things entrepreneurial, they might all be rich instead of depending on charity from the UN. Gaza itself has miles of ocean-front, not to mention a border with the Middle East's most vibrant economy. Instead, they have 40 percent unemployment and masters who steal the charity to live high.


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