Friday, May 25, 2012

Brett Kimberlin: Convicted Terrorist & Left-Wing Darling (Updates)

There, I said it.

As I’ve written before, Kimberlin was convicted of “multiple federal felonies” for an Indiana bomb crime spree that officials feel was to distract them from investigating his alleged role in the murder of the grandmother of a pre-teen girl he had taken out of state.  After being released from prison after 19 years of a 50-year sentence, he has been (1) primarily occupied with running a 501(c)3 foundation which has raised some $1.8 million from left-wing groups and celebrities, and (2) conducting lawfare – over 100 lawsuits – against any and all who dare mention his background, and harassing opponents to the extent that they lose their livelihood and, in some cases, are compelled to move to undisclosed locations in order to protect their families.  I posted primarily about Robert Stacy McCain, but other targets have included Patterico, Liberty Chick, and Aaron Walker (posting as Aaron Worthing).

It has gotten to a point that one of the bloggers – Lee Stranahan – most incensed by this criminal has declared today to be “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day” (and has put together a quick video by way of explanation).  Hundreds of bloggers and news sources are posting stories that are practically overwhelming in their research about Kimberlin and the support he receives from the Left, including George Soros, Barbra Streisand and Teresa Heinz Kerry.  Therefore, I won’t rehash the particulars of the story other than to make an official posting for today (I didn’t want to wait in my first post), and to link you to some of the more comprehensive articles today, including Michelle Malkin and Dan Collins.  These are comprehensive and well-resourced articles and I recommend them for anyone who wants detail.

As usual, the MSM just doesn’t seem to care, and let slip these cases of hypocrisy because they feel it likely that the general public won’t know – waiting out the lead and trying to starve the story – or they can explain it away by verbal smoke and mirrors before directing you to another topic.  Sometimes this aversion is too much even for those within their own ranks, such as Kirsten Powers (rather left of center herself) who had enough of blatant left-wing misogyny that she reported it in no uncertain terms – twice – and helped expose how one of the worst, Bill Maher, is excused while contributing a million dollars to the Obama campaign (which remains silent to enquiries about returning these 30 pieces of silver).

It is movements such as this that expose the press for what it is – an unrepentant shill for the Left.  Just as the conservative web logs had almost immediately exposed the forgeries and cover up of the CBS Bush/Air National Guard hit piece, so let this small counter-attack serve to help mitigate the famous A J Liebling’s explanation that “the freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”

Update:  Fox News picks up the story and explains Kimberlin's background in copious detail.  As does The Blaze.

Update:  Brett Kimberlin's Speedway bombings Wikipedia page has re-appeared.  Feel free to link to it to discover the particulars of the case and the evidence that convicted him.  The more often that it is linked, the more prominent it will be.  (Thanks to Bryan Preston at PJ Media.)

Update:  A tactic that has cropped up around the Kimberlin case is SWATing, wherein police are called to your residence upon the news that a violent crime is in progress, blaming you as the perpetrator.  It has already happened to Erick Erickson of as well as Patrick Frey at Patterico, and others.  People could have been killed in this ruthless intimidation.  Follow the threads of the story.

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