Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today's Update on Obama's Decline

The editorial in Investor’s Business Daily is striking in its candor:
In his weekly radio address and elsewhere over the weekend, President Obama blamed Republicans for "holding back" the recovery by blocking his still-MIA jobs plan. This wins the prize for Oval Office hubris. . . .
You can't appreciate the heights of this cynicism without looking at Obama's 2006 memoir, The Audacity of Hope, where he blamed Bush and Republicans for "anemic job growth," "flatlining wages" and not making "tough choices to control spending." All the horrible things he said came from GOP policies back then are umpteen times worse now under his own policies. . . .
It seems all this president knows how to do is talk eloquently about problems or demagogue opponents. When he's not giving speeches, he's demagoguing. When he's not demagoguing, he's giving speeches. He doesn't know how to get much of anything done for the good of the country. 
There is not much that I can add to that, other than to say that there is even more in the whole editorial.  At this rate, there promises to be more of the same as his support continues to wither, even among his staunchest allies.  Maxine Waters (D-CA) seems to be leading the charge (or is at least the loudest) as a self-appointed leader of the black community, as in this sample of her berating an aide to Obama about jobs, trying to shove words into his mouth, such as ‘black’.  If we want to play the Sesame Street game, why don’t we practice with ‘ethics investigation’?  We haven’t heard that one in quite a while.

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