Sunday, November 6, 2011

More ‘Occupation’ Mob Scenes

The main-stream media (MSM) by and large continues to gloss over the Occupy (fill in the blank) ‘movement’, limited as they are by being primarily a visual medium (most people get their news from television) with severe time constraints.  Many people, like me, would add that the MSM is constrained from accurate reportage due to their strong ideological bent, well to the left. (q.v. for example, Professor Tim Groseclose’s Left Turn, which I referenced earlier)

I posted earlier on the fallacious and narcissistic antics of Occupy London and Occupy Richmond, to which the local governments have groveled.  As an update, here are two long photo essays on Occupy Los Angeles, by photographer Ringo, and Occupy Denver by El Marco.  They give you a real feel for the squalor, both physical and political.  What the MSM may portray as something akin to Fellini, it is actually more like the Insane Clown Posse.  (If this serves as a brief roman à clef, then consider that in their early days, the ICP naïvely wanted to start a new gang in the already burned-over territory of downtown Detroit.  As you can imagine, they were promptly stomped by the well-established gangs.  I’m just sayin’ . . .)

 Like Lord of the Flies, "I have little doubt that Occupy LA will end up in similar fashion."

Notice the thread of both narratives, particularly in the Occupy Denver series: create disruption on as large a scale as you can, then with the help of the ‘useful idiots’ (as Lenin called them), be they the mentally enfeebled, the professional welfare recipients, the life-long revolutionaries with any cause, the sympathetic media, or the opportunistic and calculating politicians, you can see that the ‘vanguard of the proletariat’ in the form of organised ‘party elites’ such as communists, anarchists, and public employee unions will leap to the front of the charge to take advantage of the chaos they have created.  Perhaps our media have created in you the nascent thought of “McCarthyism(?)” at these words, but that would be all the more reason to look at the all the photos and narratives of the demonstrations.

As for my previous post on Occupy Richmond, the Richmond Times-Dispatch has published an update in the form of a commentary.  For example:
Democratic commentator Bob Beckel recently compared the disparity between the Tea Party's treatment by local governments and the Occupiers' to one person getting a better deal on a car than another. Imagine an America where basic equalities and a God-given right to public self-expression are reduced to clearance-sale status, depending on the agenda and whims of the "bosses" on duty at a given time. . . .

The actions of Occupiers everywhere, combined with hateful speech and unsubstantiated claims, reflect ever-escalating misinformation from agenda-driven leaders, forced to double-down on deceit, distraction and misplaced blame.
In some parts of the country, the consequences of these tactics include destroying property, attacking law enforcement officers and straining the budgets and patience of citizens across the nation. For this, the Richmond Tea Party holds responsible those in power who are selectively applying the law based on their political preferences, and we will gladly invest the refunded dollars from the city of Richmond in our efforts to bring lawful, organized activism to the citizens of Virginia.

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