Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupy Berkeley: No Cameras, No Occupation

Pajamas Media carries the latest posting by contributor Zombie with before-and-after photos of the Occupy Berkeley site in Sproul Plaza (and draws reference to a series of earlier photos).  This centers around the site that the occupiers declared to occupy “permanently” or until free tuition is re-instated.

California stupidly banned tuition payments in the 1960s for California residents, feeling that education – including college education – should be ‘free’, except of course for tax-payers.  By 1978 and Proposition 13, the Copybook-Headings Gods prevailed upon California voters to install ‘per-unit enrollment fees’ as a euphemism for tuition payments, since the system was already bleeding money.  Since 2004, payments have hovered around the $20-$26 mark for each unit as the state budget shortfall approached hemorrhage status, and they are projected to increase to $42 by January 2012.  There is even a move to actually call the payments ‘tuition’, which is sure to bruise the feelings of the crowd that insists that America – or at least the 53% who still pay taxes – owes them a living.

Examine the difference between the first photo, taken during the ‘day of rage’ or whatever, when the media was in full force to report on the “young, spontaneous” demonstrators.

Contrast this to the site only two days later, after the campus police removed the ten remaining tents in the plaza:

As Zombie annotates: “So, just in case it isn’t completely clear to these people: Hanging around congratulating yourselves for a few hours and then going home to your dorm rooms does not count as “occupying” anything.” [emphasis in original]

The report goes on to link to Ezra Levant’s posting about Occupy Toronto which he found to be a Potemkin Village, and references the same to the Occupy London crowd (as I did).  Zombie concludes:

My growing suspicion is that the majority of “occupations” around the country are just like this: full of protesters during the afternoons or when the media is around, but mostly empty at night when the going gets tough and there is no public relations payoff for roughing it.
You can backtrack my postings on the ludicrous musings and actions of the Occupation with this post.

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