Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Black Watch Returns to Scotland

Don’t tell me that you’re not inspired by this small parade in Inverness that marks the return of the Black Watch, one of the more famous military units in the world, to its home at Fort George in Scotland from its most recent deployment to Afghanistan.  The practice of amalgamation, unfortunately, through the continued reduction of the British military, has reduced it to only a battalion and it is now known officially as The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland, or 3 SCOTS.

Everything is as it should be.  Led by the pipers of the band (which traditionally serve as the heavy machine gunners) and followed by what appears to be a small horse but is actually a dog – the unit’s mascot.  No one is out of step: it all depends on whether someone is carrying a staff.  According to tradition, since they are returning from battle, they march with fixed bayonets.

The parade rendered honors to Charles, Prince of Wales, (known in Scotland as the Duke of Rothesay) in attendance as the Royal Colonel of the Regiment (though only a battalion now, it still retains the trappings and honoraria of a regiment, in expectation, I would hope, that its full status will one day be restored).

(H/T to Blackfive)

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  1. Fantastic! This video makes Betsy even more excited at the possibility of attending St Andrews.


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