Wednesday, April 11, 2012

US Debt Compared to Europe

The Republican staff of the Senate Budget Committee is releasing this chart today to illustrate the comparison between the debt of the US compared to the Euro Zone and the UK combined.  (Click to enlarge)

As of the end of December 2011, total US debt exceeds $15.1 trillion, whereas the European side stacks up to $12.7 trillion (all in US dollars).  Since Europe has a larger population (331 million against 313 million here), that means that we have a larger per capita debt ratio as well.

Greece is starting to look pretty good right about now.

(H/T to Roger Simon of PJ Media)


  1. For those paying attention, the Euro, the official currency of an array of failing economies in Europe, has been losing value over the past several years, and rightfully so. If the U. S. economy was sound, the value of the dollar versus the Euro would have increased; instead, it has actually lost value. The so-called increase in the stock market is actually a reflection of the decreasing value of the dollar. Your purchasing power isn't increasing; the assets of the stock market firms are being revalued upward, reflecting the greater cost of replacement.

  2. Superb analysis. I expect that the same is true for the increasing cost of crude oil.

    Thank you for your contribution.


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