Friday, June 8, 2012

Hitler Reacts to Scott Walker Recall Failure

For those few of you who are unaware of the trend, a section of the bold and controversial 2004 German movie Der Untergang (Downfall), which depicts the final ten days of Adolf Hitler, has been used countless times (well, into the thousands) for parodies, where the actors' voices (notably Bruno Ganz as Hitler) are retained but the subtitles are changed.  The particular section shows the scene in which Hitler, in his bunker and surrounded immediately by his closest entourage and staff (and about to be surrounded in general by the Red Army), is told the news – and finally realizes – that the war is lost. 

With so many examples, obviously the quality varies to a great extent from one to another, but now (I just knew it would happen) we have the one that chronicles Hitler’s reaction to the news that the massive recall to unseat Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has failed, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

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  1. That clip has been altered so many times, I'm surprised anyone could remember the original version. Very funny, though. Thanks.


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