Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another Obama Tone-Deaf Vacation

Someone in the White House Press Office needs to be sent packing (right after the staffer who forgot Obama's notes, rendering the Great Orator speechless).  There can be no other rationalization for the permission to release the ridiculous photo of the President on another of his golf outings at Martha's Vineyard.  We might expect an embarrassing photo from a paparazzo, but the phalanx of his tight security (I'm speaking here of the Secret Service, not the press) would surely have such an unauthorized and unvetted photographer far removed.

That photo is bad enough, but it could also be tempting for some wag to come up with something like this:
This isn't a one-off; just one of series.  For example:
The vacations and outings for Obama and family continue unabated despite the economic crisis still bound in a staggering recovery, and a recovery if only on paper.  A highly touted 1.7% growth last quarter can barely, if at all, keep up with simple population growth, and with the Chinese economy continuing to grow in the 7.5% range, it won't take long before we see the reckoning from our self-inflicted economic doldrums.
Allowing such photographic equivalents of drivel as this is indicative of the tone-deaf attitude about the visuals associated with vacationing in the Pleasure Dome that is Martha's Vineyard.  Add to that the dispatch of the family dog aboard one of the new MV-22 Osprey that is part of the Marine HMX-1 presidential squadron.  These are two very expensive additions that the president isn't allowed to use for himself, but it's fine for his dog.  (The aircraft isn't considered sufficiently safe for the Presidential Presence, after bad press around the development of the aircraft and two crashes.  To demonstrate his confidence in the new type of Marine aircraft after the last crash investigation, the then-Commandant General James Jones boarded it for its first test flight, accompanied by his wife.)
Note also the two mesh bags of basketballs.   Now, I'm not one to begrudge someone some time off, but the difference between how the MSM handles the presidential outings of Obama and his predecessor are marked.  Whereas Bush dropped golfing altogether, Obama is simply unfazed by the contrast between his frequent and untimely trips to the links and the economic dilemma of the country.  I particularly like the comment about how "Obama's frequent outings reflect a cool self-confidence."

Residents of the tony get-away for the rich are advised that, if they have complaints about traffic being shut down to accommodate Obama's movements, they are to call or e-mail the White House.  This is the effective equivalent of a traffic cop giving you a ticket along with a parting shot of "Have a nice day."

Compare this with the typical Bush 'vacation' at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

But concern about jobs and the economy during these expensive, taxpayer-paid jaunts?  That's for the little people.

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