Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Vote For Top Halloween Costume of the Year: Obama Rodeo Clown

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's considered an increasingly popular holiday by an increasing number of residents of America (a separate category from Americans) – much like Cinco de Mayo.  And now, just in time, comes the idea for the new promise of the number one costume for the season: the Obama Rodeo Clown.

News reports are awash with the item that the Missouri State Fair and Rodeo included an act wherein a faux dummy with an Obama mask was propped up in the expected line of attack of a bucking bull.  The resultant outrage and its side-lobes should have been anticipated in this day of the Obama Cult of Personality, and it speaks also to the knee-jerk opportunity of the Sophisticati to react condescendingly to the enthusiastic response of the gun-and-religion clingers in the stands.

State legislators and officials are tripping over themselves in trying to bound aboard the bandwagon of bombast in condemning the act.  Calls are made for curtailing state funding for the fair, questions about why police are not investigating the incident (some paltry excuse about the First Amendment …), sensitivity training has been decreed for all officials and contractors, the head of the state NAACP has called for the incident to be investigated by the Department of Justice and the Secret Service, and the latest news that the clown involved – not identified (not yet, but you just know that he will have to be hauled out to be pilloried) – has been banned for life from further appearances at the fair.  The head of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association has resigned, not in penance for the incident but instead in protest that the punishment didn't go far enough, as a firewall against being further swept up in the controversy in order to protect his full-time job as superintendent of the local school district. 

Conveniently forgotten in the press stampede is the fact that the act has had its previous incarnations, involving several sitting presidents, at least as far back as 1994 when a caricature of President George H W Bush was used.  Oddly, the liberals were silent about those stunts, but they did show their appreciation of many such allusions about Obama's predecessor, involving innumerable comparisons of George W Bush to chimpanzees and Hitler, a movie and book about Bush's assassination, and endless examples of the Bush Derangement Syndrome.  And let's not forget Bush's head on a pike, shown in an episode of the popular Game of Thrones:
Reaction on both sides of the political spectrum is predictable.  I especially appreciate the comment from Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs: "They should have had the bull wear a Putin mask."  The Looking Spoon did a good job of summing it up:
This is one more item to add to the Obama Cult, wherein he is not only supposed to be immune from criticism, but detractors or even satirists must be hounded into silence.

Update: Representative Steve Stockman (R-Texas) has invited the clown in question to perform in Texas.  Perhaps Governor Perry can consider a grant of asylum.


  1. This is the sort of BS the Democrat media loves. Much easier than thinking, much less doing any actual reporting. Of course they don't even raise an eyebrow when some Democrat does or says something like this about a Republican.

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