Thursday, November 7, 2013

CMA Awards Takes On ObamaCare

A lot of web sites are taking this up, but I can't resist.  Off topic?  You bet. 

There are people who don't like football (pity) but will tune in to the Super Bowl because of the chance to see the brace of new and (hopefully) funny, high-quality commercials.  In the same way, folks who aren't particularly attracted to country music should tune in to the Country Music Association Awards if for no other reason than to see the cutting-edge comedy of what has become the standard co-hosts of Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.

Some of the jokes require a more-than-passing knowledge of pop news about the stars of that genre (e.g., Zac Brown and Luke Bryan were 'feuding'?), but last night the routine slid into the topic of ObamaCare.  Two impressions came quickly to mind: the crowd reaction was an immediate roar of laughter – louder than any other time of the show – in anticipation of the skewering of the disastrous launch of the attempt to "fundamentally transform" the most successful health care system in the world; and the apparently clueless response – caught in close-up – of Taylor Swift to the huge swell of the audience laughter and cheers. 

Paisley and Underwood limited themselves to a quick send-up of the incredible failure of the web site.
Imagine what a rich trove of comedy material awaits as the nation staggers and stumbles into the program itself. 

As for Swift, I expect that her reaction was likely one of realizing that practically the entire auditorium was clearly on the opposite side of her attitude about ObamaCare.  Don’t get me wrong – she's sweet and sincere, and has nailed her position within her niche of the music industry with her obvious talent – but she probably falls within a political category populated otherwise only by Willie Nelson.  After all, in her bid to challenge Jennifer Aniston for the tabloid queen of blowing through boyfriends, she has dated one of the Kennedy clan – not the social circle that country folk typically fall within – and she received the endorsement of Ethel Kennedy (weirder still) when she was given the Pinnacle Award at the conclusion of the show.
Either that or, immersed as she is in her career, she actually doesn't get it.
Funnier still is the outpouring of suggestions that started flooding a new Twitter site: #ObamaCountrySongs.  Some of my favorites: 

- Because you're mine, I impose a fine
- Man, I throw like a woman
- Jarrett take the wheel
- God bless the NSA
- All my axis lives on taxes
- All my taxes are in excess
- Don't take your guns to Mexico
- I walk the lie
- Benghazi's never on my mind
- He stopped treating her today
- Fire a nurse, fine a young guy
- Penury for the red, white and blue
- I'm a rhinestone golfer
- I love this par
- Here's seventeen trillion dollars, call someone who cares
- God damn the USA
- I never promised that in the Rose Garden
- Nobody ever told me
- You can't hide you're spyin' eyes
- I snort the line
- We are never, ever getting out of debt
- You picked a fine time to leave me, Blue Shield
- Hey, won't you play another George Bush done somebody wrong song
- I'm proud to be with Blago from Chicago

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  1. Underwood's line was funny. Next up: when she discovers her identity has been stolen on the oh-so-hackable ObumerCare.


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