Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Contact Juggling with Rings - Lindzee Poi

As a slight diversion, old friend Dave Moore provided a link to a French juggler (who is not a mime, Dieu merci) named Lindzee Poi of Angers, casting what he calls an "amelymeloptical illusion".

[Connectivity problems?  Try this link instead.]

A sample - check the link above

Yes, how does he do it?  Haven't a clue.  I can't find anything beyond this and some other examples of his contact juggling prowess, but he now has my attention.  Enjoy.

The tune, incidentally, is Comptine d'un autre été ("A rhyme from another summer") by Yann Tiersen, heard in the movie Amélie.


  1. Outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Each pair of rings obviously is connected but so as to turn around each other. Somehow. Fun to watch, anyhow.

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