Thursday, April 10, 2014

Simple Gun Logic

From the droll David Burge, known popularly as Iowahawk, now corresponding by Twitter:

Which places our military bases in the same category as our schools: gun-free, or free-fire zones.  That being the exact reason that the shooters have picked those areas, precisely because the victims cannot defend themselves.  We can talk about how mentally disturbed the shooters are, but at least they aren't so crazy that they have to start shooting up anything, anywhere; no, they wait and make the conscious decision to service the right target.

The right target includes a likelihood that a police response is not close at hand.  It took the police in the case of Ivan Lopez at Fort Hood some twenty minutes to respond to the exact location of Lopez, whereupon Lopez took the not unsurprising way out by killing himself.  Twenty minutes is a not inconsiderable amount of time (think upon how radically time slows when staring down the barrel of a .45) but it is an understandable time lapse for the MP to have arrived at the area post haste yet still have to find the shooter.  God bless the young woman who bravely confronted Lopez so that he could terminate the emergency.

As I have said before, the police only show after a crime is committed.  Relying on police alone, no matter how noble or well trained they may be, is simply an exercise in calculating how many casualties the authorities are willing to sacrifice in order to maintain the peeling veneer of security for our soldiers and our children.  The people who make such decisions are lumpen bureaucrats, who refuse to see that hope is not a course of action, but who see clearly that allowing the Second Amendment to apply to their captive audiences will require some added responsibility on their risk-averse part.  It is literally a passive yet lethal stance that feeds into the pop media culture that simply cannot trust our military to be anything but the underclass that is whipped to barely-latent murderous fury just waiting to be unleashed.  It is absurd, contemptuous, and deadly.

(H/T to the Daily Timewaster)

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