Friday, May 6, 2011

Bin Laden shot in accordance with Islamic tradition

I'm sure that there are many of you out there in the blogosphere who are concerned about cultural sensitivities in all circumstances, particularly when it comes to restraining the dastardly military types, trying to impose restrictions on others who only want to celebrate their 'otherness' in open expression of their views, like world jihad against Western civilisation.  To assuage your worries, let me assure you that the US made certain that we took those sensitivities into account
For instance, none of the Navy SEALs in the raid were eating a pork sandwich as they did it. And none of them had on them any depictions of Muhammad (PBUH). Also, the raid was done between prayer times — not during! And when Osama was shot in the face, he was facing westward. I’m not sure that’s actually religiously important, but if it is, then, yes, he was doing that. And when he was shot, the traditional Muslim expression of “Allahu Akbar!” was shouted — except it was an English translation, so it was something like, “Thank you, Jesus!”
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