Friday, May 6, 2011

God save us from those crazed veterans

In case you think that I'm a one-trick pony in this web log (the UBL take-down is a rather momentous event, so yes, it's had my rapt attention lately), I do have other interests as you shall see.  But let me diverge slightly from this UBL string to a related story, that of the mythical homicidal military maniac who dwells in every veteran, who started out as the typical Rousseau innocent human but was beaten into a crazed killer by the military machine of this capitalist Western empire.  This meme has been perpetuated for decades by what we are told is a professional media (more on that later, along the lines of “What exactly is a professional journalist?”), & this has been a bread-&-butter piece of theirs. 

Along comes Blackfive with a great critique of a recent screed of this sort in (not surprisingly) the New York Times:
The military is both an honorable profession and a extraordinarily necessary one.  Its members are not “victims” of some evil institution.  They’re not robots.  They’re not “killing machines” who come home to “abuse and often kill innocent people stateside”.   The purpose of our military isn’t now nor has it ever been to “pervert basic human decency”.  It’s to do a necessary and often distasteful and dangerous job for the BENEFIT of those back home – for their safety and freedom.
Ironically the NYT publishes this garbage just after some hard men heroically risked their lives in a daring raid to kill a mass-murdering terrorist who struck the very city they print this in. 
Well done, McQ.  As before, RTWT (read the whole thing).

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