Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Further union decline

Don Surber of the Charleston [West Virginia] Daily Mail explains the decline of labour union power in a state where the unions were at one time perhaps the most entrenched. 
I disagree with state Republican Chairman Mike Stuart.  The AFL-CIO is not a paper tiger; it is an albatross. . . . The loss of love for labor in West Virginia coincides with a national rejection of unions and liberals since the election of President Obama.
He goes into some detail about the public turn to rejection of the unions, specific to the state, but which can be extrapolated to other areas.  He includes an example from New Jersey:
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took on the teacher unions and won – in large part because of union officials’ cavalier dismissal of the public’s concerns about ever-increasing taxes.
One $250,000-a-year educrat threatened to leave the state if the state imposed a limit on salaries.
Christie’s response – “I’ll help you pack” – resonated with the public.
I can only hope (& I believe it will) that the trend not only continues, but accelerates.

(H/T to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit)

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