Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blood for [Chinese] Oil!

A favourite canard of the Left during the wars with Iraq (but oddly absent during our current intervention into Libya, don't you think?) was the phrase 'Blood for Oil!'  Just as I am no longer part of an 'occupation force' in Kuwait, having packed up & left once the dust settled in 1991 (like everyone else), this once again demonstrates that Americans, when pushed to fight, make things right & then go home.

Conservatives in particular were delighted to point out that the French, who were very vocal critics of the 2003 war that deposed Saddam Hussien & who pointedly refused to particitate (as opposed to their flanking contribution to the drive into southern Iraq in 1991, occasionally going so far as to actually communicate with us), were first in line to benefit from Iraqi oil contracts with the new government.

Now the Chinese are making good on their contacts with the Iraqis with a sweet deal indeed.

America!  Making the world safe for oil consumption!  For everybody else though - just not us.  In the meantime, all that gravel on the shore of ANWR is still pristine.

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