Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obama: 'I'm not partisan'

Really?  Last night in Florida, Obama drew attention to himself & the fact that he hadn't spoken much about Republicans: "If you want partisan politics, I'm not your guy."

As a public service, the web log Jammie Wearing Fool has compiled a partial list of the exceptions to that claim.  Brew up a nice cup of coffee & settle in to a comfortable chair, this might take a while.


  1. My President's teleprompter generally gets around to saying the right thing, even though his actions are always consistently in the direction of attempting to prove that his poor excuse for a father, the anti-colonialist, was right in his insistence that America's assets should be given to the poor of the world ... the only way to achieve justice.

  2. Scary what the stanky BO thinks that sinfull mortal can become - we're all gonna croak, puppet BO. If he gits another term, fulla outsourcing our jobs, total abortion like their subhuman, outNout homosexuality, open-borders with white-trash-TexMex's, and 'posse comitatus' with FEMA, I think we've completely lost, brudda. I went to church today to try to curb the rage, but there's lil we can do when God's outta-the-picture in BOs immature atheism. God, help U.S. Help those poor, mortal souls on earth who wanna Wiseabove.blogspot and go beyond to Heaven. Thanx for lissen'n, brudda. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL


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