Friday, June 10, 2011

The Rick Perry campaign?

After the implosion of the Gingrich campaign staff (I’ve said before that the campaign was dead; it just hadn’t fallen over yet), there are excited postings that say that this is the call to arms for Rick Perry to run, as at least two of Perry’s previous high-placed campaign staffers are now available to him.  Roger Simon of Pajamas Media feels almost certain:
The news . . . is a strong sign that Perry has decided to run for the presidency.

I believe that Simon’s prediction is somewhat premature, but his analysis of a Perry candidacy is well thought out.  Read the whole thing.

Likewise, Rick Moran at American Thinker has a good analysis.  Read them both.

I agree that if Perry decides to run, he has some hurdles to clear (as I’ve said, there’s that ‘clone of W’ image that the Democrats & the media [but I repeat myself] will throw at him).  But he will be a formidable campaigner & an excellent president.

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