Friday, September 21, 2012


I regret to inform you – at least for the purpose of this column – that I will be away for a brief period and unavailable by means of any technology not in use within the last hundred years or more (or far longer in case you would include the mail).  I am vanishing into the wilderness and will re-connect once I return, and discover what news has transpired in this world during my absence.  I appreciate the patience on the part of those who hang on my every word, and for everyone else.

My faithful will know me to be one of a healthy sense of paranoia, and I am not given easily to announce my absence.  But for those who believe that they have seen past my nom de plume and can discern my identity and home, remember that I am a dedicated believer in the Constitution and a full participant in liberties afforded by the Second Amendment, and so are the family members remaining behind in my residence.  In the spirit of a notice I saw recently in one of the firearms establishments which I frequent: “My doors are locked not to protect me, but to protect you.” 

I will miss all of you, but not so much that I pass up an opportunity to enjoy a series of sojourns through preserved areas of Elysian landscapes.

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