Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Joe Biden Plays Both Sides

I’ve written before about how humiliating it is to have Joe Biden as our Vice President (such a rich trove from which to gather examples), but there are two photos, one of which cropped up on Sunday, which give examples of how his keen political instincts has him playing to both sides of an issue.

“Good ole Joe”, as the Democrats want to portray him (the exact opposite of their vituperative title if he were a Republican), was in Ohio (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) talking up some bikers.  Part of the conversation had Biden ask one of them, “Hey, can I ride your motorcycle?  They won’t let me any more.”  The biker dead-panned, “Probably not.”  You can see that the bikers’ expression was maintained as Biden nuzzled the neck of one of their biker chicks:

Bikers such as this like to cultivate an image as ‘outlaws’, an easy enough connection because many have been, well, actual outlaws.  These two make a compelling case for claiming the title, and Biden’s frat-boy antics were certain to have given the Secret Service some itchy trigger fingers.  The agents were already supremely annoyed at having drawn the short straws for protecting this clown, as demonstrated by how they supported the Virginia donut shop owner who refused a visit by Biden.

Perhaps Biden felt that he had to even the score in order to appeal (?) to a wider, more diverse constituency, having already ingratiated himself to law enforcement:

In other recent news of the same vein, though there were certainly no photos, we hear from the pseudonymous Mark Owen of the controversial book No Easy Day that after the raid that killed bin Laden, both Obama and Biden met the operators of that mission at Fort Campbell, home of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) that flew the mission.  Leaving aside the author’s viewpoints on Obama, he nevertheless described Biden as the stereotypical drunk uncle, telling lame jokes and generally annoying the members of the assembled team.

And again, whose judgment placed this buffoon a heart-beat away from the Presidency?

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