Monday, July 4, 2011

An Ample Opinion on the Riposte of Dutch Culture

Doug Giles is a columnist, radio personality, Texan, and youth minister, who has a style that is difficult to pin down, other than to say that it is not subtle.  He joins in to the story that I introduced to these pages last month about the turn-around in the Dutch self-inflicted attitude of tolerance to the point of being over-whelmed by a murderous notion.

A sample so that you might discern his approach:
The land of windmills and tulips grew a pair in June and officially tabled legislation that effectively says to the Religion of Peace, “We are tired of bowing and kissing your Holland-hating-religious-freak ring. So, with all due respect, please assimilate to our particulars or we will shove a wooden shoe up your backside and deport you back to Suckistan.” No offense, of course.
(H/T to Jimmy Jaramillo)

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