Thursday, July 14, 2011

Obama Party Plans

Have you asked yourself about this debt-limit ceiling established by Treasury Secretary Geithner?  Why 2 August?  Why not some other date, preferably further down the road?  After all, once you look into it, it would seem that the 2nd is an arbitrary and capricious date.

Well, now we know.  Obama doesn't want to miss that gala fund-raising blow-out in Chicago.  You might think that this would be bad optics (to use the current political vernacular), coming the day after the imminent collapse of the American economy.  One would assume that the press would be compliant or complicit in not drawing a connection.  Right?

Update:  Jeannie DeAngelis at American Thinker picks up on the party theme:

Barack's Birthday Bash has been scheduled for August 4th -- the day after the United States of America is due to officially downshift from the black into the red.  The festivities should be a pleasant albeit bizarre distraction from the weeping and gnashing of teeth taking place outside the walls of the concert hall, if the nation actually defaults.
And I always smile when I hear words such as these:
The news comes just days after Obama was lamenting the burden of having to keep "hundreds of thousands of [unnecessary] dollars in additional income." 
If Obama or anyone else finds themselves in the dilemma of having too much income which they feel should have been taxed, then all they have to do is make out a check to the US Treasury.  I remember that Virginia (under a Republican administration) recently wanted to 'call the bluff' of those who were actually saying that everyone else should be taxed at a higher rate, by adding a 'tax me more' block on the state income tax.  I believe that they reported an extra $117 that year.

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