Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rick Perry: a Comparison Worth Noting

Dr Merrill Matthews writes a column in Human Events taking to task the issues that a possible Rick Perry campaign for President would have to overcome, some of which I have included before (here, here, and here).  It is an able explanation and worth the read, including this morsel:

To use a football analogy—I mean, we're talking about Texas—it's not who hands you the football and it's not where the ball is handed to you, it's what you do with the ball after you have it.
Rick Perry took the ball from Bush and scored an economic touchdown for Texas. Obama took the ball from Bush and fumbled it—repeatedly—giving the other team a chance to score a touchdown.
The Democrats and the glitterati would still try to paint Perry as a Bush clone, and I think Dr Matthews is too dismissive of the challenge.  Understated in that accusation is the actual malign - Perry is not so much like Bush, it is just that he is from Texas, and that in some minds is just too foreign for them.  I would even call it intolerant, with a savoured moment of irony.

And speaking of football, Governor Perry, here in the photo, is not so much showing his ebullience about the Texas economy as he is signaling his affiliation.  (I like the ring; I have one just like it.)

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